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Bill McClure Announces Support from Local Combat Veterans

(St. John’s County, FL) –Bill McClure, candidate for Florida’s 4th Congressional District and a sitting St. John’s County Commissioner, is proud to announce the support of a broad coalition of military veterans.

“Our men and women in uniform have been bravely fighting on the front lines of war to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists out of our country,” said  Bill McClure. “I am proud to have their support and look forward to working with them while in Congress to make sure our Veterans have the help and support that they deserve.”

“Bill McClure is committed to supporting the needs of the Veteran community, as well as our current men and women in uniform,” said Col. Mickey  Duren. “He understands that the best way of defending our country is a strong and robust national defense.  He knows that we must take care of  those who have sacrificed for our country.”

The support of this coalition is continued proof that the momentum behind McClure’s campaign is growing. This coalition of local Veterans representsmultiple arenas of conflict from Vietnam to Iraq. They are current and past leaders in our local Community that includes the private sector, government, and the military.

  • Colonel Mickey Duren, Ret. Base Commander, Camp Blanding
  • Colonel Roy Hinman, MD, Ret. U.S. Army
  • Captain Michael Klein, U.S. Military Academy, West Point
  • VFW Commander AJ Sartin, Ret.
  • VFW Commander Sargent Vernon Stroman, U.S. Army
  • Chief Petty Officer, Mike Haire
  • Chief Petty Officer, Bob Dorman
  • Petty Officer Wes Bunce, U.S. Navy Ret.
  • Sargent George Doran, U.S. Army Ret.

McClure Announces Campaign for Congress

Conservative businessman who’s created thousands of job running to break up the DC status quo and end the political correctness

(Jacksonville, FL) — Bill McClure, a conservative businessman who has spent his career in the private sector building successful businesses and creating hundreds of jobs in Florida, today formally announced his campaign to replace retiring Congressman Ander Crenshaw in the 4th Congressional District.

“Congress is broken.  And electing the same kind of career politicians who are focused on what’s politically correct won’t solve them.  That’s why we need someone who’s done more than just run for re-election – we need someone with a proven record in the private sector of tackling tough problems, speaking their mind, and creating jobs to build a bright future for our children and grandchildren,” said McClure.

McClure started his first business at the age of 18, leasing an old, run down drive thru car wash and turning it into one of Florida’s 1st Drive Through convenience stores, called “Alligator Alley” just off campus at the University of Florida.

Bill received his undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. He began his financial career with E.F. Hutton where he started off in a broom closet with only a telephone and phone book, and eventually became a Corporate Vice President and Institutional Investor for Northeast Florida.  Since then, Bill has helped start three healthcare IT firms, creating thousands of jobs across the country and hundreds in the state of Florida alone.

“The last thing we need in Washington is another politician looking out for his next re-election or how to pay back one of his fat cat lobbyist buddies.  That’s not how you do things in the real world.  I’m running for Congress because I think we need a businessman, not another politician, to take on the serious challenges facing America, “ said McClure.

Recognized for his business acumen, McClure has served on the St Johns and Nassau County Economic Development Team and with both the St Johns and Nassau County Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves on the Executive Board of the North East Florida Regional Council, which encompasses all of the new congressional district.

As a St. John’s County commissioner, Bill has demonstrated his commitment to conservative principles by casting the deciding vote against a referendum to increase the sales tax designed to bail out special interests.  Instead, Bill implemented a fiscally conservative plan that has rejuvenated St. John’s County and led to national recognition, including by CNN Money as one of the top job creating regions in the country.   Under Bill’s leadership, St John’s County has added more than 11,000 new jobs and drastically improved its bond rating from AA- to AA+.

“I may be new to politics, but I’ve shown what you can accomplish when you apply conservative principles to government.  Whether its securing our borders, ending the threat of radical Islamic terrorism or making our economy grow again, another career politician won’t get the job done.   I’m a businessman who will make the right decisions, even if they are politically incorrect.  Our nation’s future is too important for anything else,” said McClure.

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