Federal Pension Benefits

Upon my election, I will decline the Federal pension benefit from my first term and in any subsequent term to which I am elected. I am ready to serve the people of North Florida with no due consideration other than what is best for their families and for America.

The National Journal recently reported that Members of Congress are entitled to a pension program that costs taxpayers roughly $28 million annually and which enables some lawmakers to pull down six-figure pensions on an annual basis.
The most effective way to end career politicians as a phenomenon, is to remove the pension benefit. Let people come to Washington truly out of a sense of service. The pension benefit has proven a very attractive lure for people to remain far beyond what the founders intended. If the pension benefit is removed, more people would come for real service and then leave to return to the private sector.

As County Commissioner I successfully fought to reduce spending and to fend off an increase in the sales tax intended to benefit special interests. I was able to do that because I self-funded my campaign and was beholden to no one other than the voters who elected me, they are my special interest.

I have children I intend to leave the legacy of opportunity our founding fathers intended to be their birthright…I intend to leave that same birthright to the children of all hard working Americans with my service to them in the Congress.

National Security

National Security is a constitutional and fundamental responsibility of the federal government. The threat of radical Islamic terrorism is no longer only abroad in distant countries – it has made its way to the doorsteps of our allies and our shores here at home. In bipartisan fashion, Washington D.C. has failed in its responsibility to secure the border and enforce the law. This must end. Abroad – as our brave men and women defend our freedoms, we must be vigilant in providing them the tools and resources necessary to secure their success. Here at home – law enforcement on the federal, state and local levels are on the frontlines, and must have the resources and tools necessary to defend our nation and keep American’s safe.

Foreign Affairs

America is an exceptional nation. No other nation has sacrificed more for the cause of freedom. In order to safeguard and preserve that cause American leadership cannot be diminished and instead must be exerted. Two terms of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy have strained our relationships with our allies, emboldened our enemies, and weakened our resolve. ISIS has declared war on America and her allies – it’s time for bold American leadership and an aggressive strategy to defeat radical Islam.

2nd Amendment

In recent months, American’s have fallen victim to terrorist attacks within our borders. The war against radical Islam has made its way to our doorstep – from San Bernardino, California to right here at home in Orlando. Now more than ever, the fundamental right to defend ourselves, families and communities must be protected. Without this fundamental right to defend ourselves, we cease to be a free nation


Washington D.C. has billed the American tax-payer with a historic and catastrophic $19 trillion debt – larger than our entire economy. Out-of-control spending and a bipartisan unwillingness to tackle this issue has left our children and our grandchildren bankrupt. The rate of government growth is irresponsible and unsustainable. It’s time for real spending constraints, budget cuts and reform to stop this recklessness and tighten Washington D.C.’s belt. Difficult choices will have to be made, but with courage and economic growth, the debt can be turned around.


The Obama economy has been a disaster for job creation. With wages stagnant and labor force participation at an all-time low, it’s no wonder our economy has seen the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. To make matters worse, Obamacare has been catastrophic to small businesses. Since Obamacare was made law, Floridians have seen health insurance premiums increase an average 19.9%, while more than 20,000 jobs were lost[1]. I’ve spent a lifetime creating jobs in the Florida economy, and I know that it’s the private sector, not the government, that creates jobs and opportunity. It will be my focus, as your congressman, to repeal Obamacare and reduce the size and scope of D.C.



[1] www.americanactionforum.org/research/ObamaCares-Impact-on-Small-Business-Wages-and-Employment/


A vibrant economy is key to unlocking individual opportunity. As a businessman, I spent years in the private sector creating jobs for thousands of Floridians. The burden of high taxes and an ever-expanding federal government falls on the shoulders of hardworking men and women who seek to provide for their families, and give their children more opportunities for a better life. Lowering taxes provides a platform for economic growth, and will be my number one priority as your congressman.

Online Petition to Oppose Sales Tax Increase

Opposition to Jacksonville Sales Tax

Protect our Children

I, like many Floridians, am outraged by the Obama Administration’s latest attack on our common sense Florida values and disregard for our liberties. As public servants, we are called on to demonstrate leadership and fight for those we represent, whether that is protecting them from federal overreach or potential predators that want to use the same bathrooms as our children.

Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi have proven time and again to be reliable voices for common sense conservatism and have stood up to intrusive federal regulations like Obamacare mandates and other instances of Washington elites imposing their will on the people of Florida. I encourage them to once again stand up for us on an issue that effects all Floridians, by rejecting the latest directive being forced on our schools by President Obama and his special interest, liberal allies in Washington. I remain optimistic that they will do so and I pledge to the people of Florida’s 4th District that as their representative in Washington I will stand up and fight on their behalf to end this damaging directive and all overreaching federal directives.

Congressional Candidate Bill McClure Encourages Florida Officials To Join Him In Protecting Our Children

Border Security

It is simple. There are two constitutional duties that are the very foundation of the relationship between the United States Government and its citizens. They are: the security of the nation, and preservation of the integrity of it laws. Border Security is the number one job of the President and the Congress. Without secure borders, we are not a secure country. Without secure borders, you, the American people, are extremely vulnerable to the most dangerous of all extremists who enter this country with a disrespect for the constitutional laws that America was founded upon. In fact, currently, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was passed by Congress is not being enforced.

I will fight to close all borders until the staff of the United States Government can prove that they can uphold the laws enacted in 2006. In my discussions with US Customs and Border Patrol, the US Government doesn’t know how long the visitors stay, and no idea where they are. This should be step one, and until such a plan is in place, Congress can have no discussions about what to do with those here illegally, as it creates a “merry go round” effect, which has no end.

Once the borders are secure and the laws are enforced, then we can focus on Immigration. We have immigration laws. My mother was born in Italy and became a US Citizen, legally, having to take a US History exam, swear to an oath, and pledge her allegiance to the United States of America. That’s the law. However, the law is not being enforced. If you came here illegally and wish to become a citizen, you will have to comply with the laws we have.

I will never vote for any amnesty that waives our laws and destroys the faith in an orderly and lawful society based on Constitutional Principles.